Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The nature of the beast

Maybe, I am bad. Maybe I am a demon.

I saw the picture that Rides Lightning drew of Spirit. I heard his words spoken softly in my ear and I turned away from those words. I know what Spirit is and I know where she comes from....he told me.

But it's a secret and I don't tell secrets.

It is not my human nature to hurt others... but I do. I cannot control my anger sometimes and things get ugly. She is with me now, she has done her damage...and all I can do is cry.

Because you cannot take those things back that hurt others...it fades, yes it does...but it is still done.

I apologize, not only for my stupidity. I apologize for everything that had made you hate me.

sometimes, I wanna go away and never ccome back because I cannot be anything but me and I cannot love anything but what my heart loves and it is killing me.

I just want to fade and be forgotten.

can you help me....because the cancer grows.

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