Tuesday, June 11, 2013



I awaited the time that I was to be face to face with this thing. The Trionders were there...always. I looked to them for my solace and balance. Within the fatasical world of writing and the forums, Spirit cavorted like a mad woman. She had decided that her place was to rule the forums...Triond and whatever forums she hapt upon. She was deliriously happy to say the least and she went from writer to writer...cyber fucking and owning her victims. She was amazing and she was free. Outside of the forum, she was much more dormant than before...oddly satisfied with her ability to vent and enjoy her magical world. And her world became more real as I wrote the descriptions of her magical realm.  I made up everything as I went along...not using any of the facts that I knew to be true of her honest identity and origin. I created monstrous mushrooms on which she plopped her magical little ass. She would flutter those silly little wings that changed color according to her moods. Her fairy dust drifted down onto the forest floor as she twirled and skipped around her victims. And they melted...each and every one of them melted at her feet and kissed her little fairy feet. She would giggle in delight and then pull them from their knees. There in the forest of Illyria, she would kiss their lips and where her sweet kiss was placed, their skin would tingle from the magic of the touch. Her hands grabbed hold of their shirts pulled them to her and she would bite deeply into the soft flesh of their throats and satisfy her hunger. As she sucked the blood from them she would fuck them and their climax would match her moans of satisfied hunger. She didn't kill them, there in that forest in Illyria; she would just give to them the darkened and strange fantasy of a pleasure that was just outside of their understanding. And they would know her for what she really was...and they would love her regardless.

Bo (the big cat)

I called him on the phone for the first time. He lived in San Diego California. He had asked me time and again to call him sometimes and I did that very thing. When he heard my voice for the first time, he was amazed.
"Oh my god", he would say..."you are a REAL life southern belle."
I would just laugh and reply to his sillyness. "Ha! Not quite, my love...I am not quite a lady as that."
We would talk and for days afterwards...we would talk for hours. I never knew how much I would grow to love this man.
And I would not fully appreciate him until he was gone.
Sometimes, its just too late to say I love you.

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